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Business Clichés Are Lazy Language: Five Clichés and “Don't Says” to Avoid Like … Well, You Know
By: Bulldog Reporter
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Look up “business buzzwords” or “business clichés” and you’ll find article after article about these irritating, overused phrases. In fact, new ones come out each year documenting the latest crop that’s flourishing in workplaces across America. In a world drowning in buzzwords, tweets, and hashtags, spouting mindless clichés in the workplace may seem harmless. But Richard Moran says using too many professional platitudes could be more problematic than you thought.

“Not only can business clichés be annoying to others who hear them day in and day out, they are the language of laziness,” says Moran, author of The Thing About Work: Showing Up and Other Important Matters (Routledge, 2016). “When you use them, you effectively fail to focus your thoughts and really identify what you’re trying to communicate and accomplish.”


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