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Trend Spotting: Understanding the Zeitgeist of Now
By: Meltwater
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Trend Spotting Is What Is Happening Now

Trend spotting is pretty easy. Hang out at the local cool café, follow any big social media influencer, log into Pinterest, go to your favorite designers’ websites or the pages of Vogue and, pretty quickly, you are up on current trends. Understanding a current trend early in its ascent can help a brand make informed business decisions that satisfy organizational goals. Trends, after all, are evolutionary and they evolve pretty slowly, so it can be surmised that a big trend now, will continue to grow for the next 3-6 months, and often times much longer. 

Fashion Fads

Let’s note, there are certainly times when trends are simply “fads”, and they come and go very quickly, but to PR pros, these are pretty obvious and can be quickly dismissed.

Doing a quick social media search on the latest fashion fad, for example, it seems it’s all the rage in Rio to replace your bikini with black electrical tape, making for some bold beachwear not to mention nifty tan lines. Or, will the current Easter egg dyed hair trend evolve into more extreme graffiti looks or maybe harken back to a Paris trend from the 1960s when women would paint their hair to match the pattern of their clothing?


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