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United Airlines Analysis: A Lesson from CEO Oscar Munoz in How NOT to Manage a PR Crisis
By: Bulldog Reporter
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Everyone has experienced the annoyance—if you’re making an event or on a tight travel schedule, or the thrill—if you’re a flexible traveler—of being booked on an overbooked flight.

But on Sunday, a United flight out of Chicago took the run-of-the-mill experience to a now famously bizarre and horrifying sky-high when police used brute force to evacuate a passenger from the plane. The shocking scene of a security officer dragging him off of the flight, hurting him in the process, was captured by the cellphones of fellow flyers who quickly took to social media to broadcast the moment.

In an initial statement on Monday afternoon, United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz apologized “for having to re-accommodate these customers.” Re-accommodate? Many, us included, found the use of this word to be flippant and euphemistic.


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