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Crossfunctionality: Making Social Important Across Your Business
By: Meltwater
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When you think of who manages a company’s brand presence on social media, which department comes to mind first? For many, the answer is Marketing, PR, and Communication teams

Social media is so prevalent in it underpins our personal and professional relationships, so much so that what happens in the social realm has an impact on every relationship we have. That’s why siloing social media to one department is a huge miss. Harnessing the power of social can transform your brand and should be ingrained in every department’s DNA. 

Let’s take a step back and look at the word “social.” At its root, social goes hand in hand with the community. Social gets its power from people with differing viewpoints and backgrounds from different communities that engage around interests, issues, actions, and brands. You’ve probably seen “viral” content because someone from one of your communities shared it with you.


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