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Finding Great Mentors
By: Meltwater
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Like most, I was lost and confused my freshman year of college. I had moved across the country to a city I had never spent more than a handful of days in, surrounded by thousands of strangers who seemed so much smarter and more experienced. And, I was set to embark on a four-year adventure with many potential outcomes. One thing I knew, was that I was interested in entrepreneurship, though I had no idea where to start.

Then I met Neil and Arthur.

Neil Shah and Arthur Woods were seniors at the time, and both were entrepreneurs as well—a couple of years prior, Neil started a fair trade tea company, and Arthur launched a farmers market delivery service. Those are notable achievements, but what made Neil and Arthur stand out from the typical college students with senioritis, was their penchant for mentorship. They painstakingly started a social entrepreneurship fellowship program that would take in 10-15 freshmen each year, expose them to local industry leaders, and help them get their own ventures started. 


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