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Why Content Marketing Is the New Branding
By: Bulldog Reporter
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The advent of the Internet has brought about irreversible transformations in almost every sphere of human activity, and brand marketing is no exception. All organizations—big and small, commercial and non-commercial—are now on the cusp of this rapidly evolving marketing landscape where they’re compelled to interact with consumers.

Nowadays, businesses hire online marketing specialists to spread the word about their products and services—a trend that amply proves there has been a paradigm shift in the focus of marketing campaigns, from the brick-and-mortar world to the virtual world. Today’s marketers spend a lot of their time analyzing and interpreting this online data to build campaigning strategies.

But although the scope of marketing has undergone some big changes, the basic tenets remain the same. In other words, content—or what is now called content marketing—is still the essence of any promotion campaign. In an environment where competition seems to get more cutthroat every day, marketing pros have to continue to innovate ways of promoting their products and services to differentiates them from competitors.


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