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Five Tips for Mentoring PR Students and Young Comms Professionals
By: Bulldog Reporter
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In today’s public relations industry, young PR professionals are fighting to be accepted into an internship program, or an entry-level position, with firms throughout the country. However, many get discouraged and feel lost once they enter the industry and are left with no sense of direction. But those of us in the industry can help! Here’s how:

Most PR firms have an apprenticeship, or internship, such programs help young PR professionals gain insight and knowledge on the day-to-day operations. However, depending on the size of a firm, some interns are forgotten. Creating a checklist for each intern is a great first step in working towards the growth of interns. A checklist will help guide interns on what to learn and practice while completing assignments that are assigned. An apprenticeship should also create less work for a firm, not more. Not only is it a benefit for young PR professionals to obtain internships, but firms also benefit from having an eager intern to help with tasks. In the end, an apprentice should leave more knowledgeable about their craft than when they first started the internship.


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