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How to Effectively Use Pattern Interrupt Elements to Shake Things Up in Your Videos
By: Bulldog Reporter
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Have you ever caught yourself nodding off during a less than thrilling speech at a conference? Or felt your eyes glazing over as a long-winded salesperson rattled on about their product? If only those speakers had known about the power of pattern interrupts, you would never have reached a point of boredom. All businesses need to be aware of these.

Pattern interrupts are small, unexpected actions that offer an element of surprise. They interrupt your expectations of what is to come and challenge your brain’s pre-conceived notions. Think of pattern interrupts like brain hooks; just as your mind is beginning to meander, you’re suddenly jolted back to the topic/speaker at hand.

When you refocus their visual attention, you refocus their mental attention. You can’t make a connection with your viewers if you can’t keep their attention.


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