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Social: It’s #Personal—What Millennials Want Brands to Know About Social Advertising
By: Bulldog Reporter
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Social marketing is getting more and more important to brands. In fact, according to 2016 State of Social Business by Ed Terpening and Aubrey Littleton, ad budgets increased by 73 percent last year and are expected to grow even more in 2017. As brands look to make social a bigger part of their efforts, they need to ensure that they’re using it in the most effective way. So, what do they need to know? We asked the first generation to actually come of age with social. We interviewed millennials, and here’s what they want to tell brands about advertising on social media.

“You are in my personal space now.” – Jesse, 31

Social is getting more and more personal, and consumers can easily feel violated by pushy social advertising if is not targeted to them in the right space and the right time. Not only do they use social media for personal things, like “checking in on family and friends”, they have spent countless hours shaping their feeds to cater specifically to them. This level of personalization leads to a very strong feeling of ownership. And you wouldn’t just walk into someone’s house without asking, now would you?  No, you’d be polite, friendly and maybe even bring a gift. So, remember: you’re in their personal space. Act accordingly.


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