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From Generalist to Specialist: Building a PR Career
By: Meltwater
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Chances are good that you gravitated toward a career in PR because you were good at a wide variety of PR-friendly skills – a generalist. You believed your writing, organization, event planning, and personal relationship building would be an asset to the industry, and you were right. Now, however, technology is advancing rapidly, and the best PR teams are transforming to take full advantage of it. Teams of specialists who work together for one common goal will have greater success and broader reach than teams of generalists in this new PR landscape where big data, machine learning, bots, and other technology enhance traditional skill sets in social media, writing, and more.

As a strong generalist, you likely already have some of the qualities you will need to specialize. If you are goal and detail-oriented, creative, show confidence, excel at being self-directed and are eager to learn new things, you have a foundation for increasing your skills. For example, if you want to double-down on your SEO and analytics experience and focus on that as your specialty, Meltwater is a great resource. Our products can help those who want to specialize in analytics, SEO, reach. Your eagerness to learn and your drive will assist you as you start down this new path.


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