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PR Pros Are Stressed—So Get Your Om On in 2017
By: Bulldog Reporter
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Bulldog Reporter recently reported that being a PR professional is one of 2017’s most stressful careers. So if you’re still looking for a New Year’s resolution you can really use, look within. Think about what you, your body and your mind really need. If you’re anything like me, it’s stress management. In 2017, I’m committing to mind and body health. How? By practicing more yoga.

Public relations professionals in particular can find enormous benefits from yoga. It offers a reprieve from everyday stress. It allows you (forces you, even) to step away from your phone and email (believe it or not, you’ll survive). It allows you to close your eyes and just focus on breathing—not that 2017 PR Plan looming over your head or that tight reporter deadline. Just your breath. It’s amazing what that simple focus can do, and funny that we often need an instructor standing at the front of the room to remind us of that.

When I found (and fell in love with) yoga about five years ago, it was amazing how much I needed it, but never knew. As a former Division I college athlete, I had been searching for a new athletic niche. Yoga proved to be the perfect combination of physical and mental health. A perfect, but very important and often overlooked, balance.


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