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Social Media Don’ts: 6 Things We Are Still Getting Wrong
By: Meltwater
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It seems like we have been utilizing social media forever. Has it really been that long? In fact, very few of us can remember a time when our phones were used for, well, calling. What did we do before texting and uploading photos of our dining choices? I know I once was issued a pager at the PR Agency in Seattle I cut my teeth at, but can’t recall if I ever needed it or if I even knew how to use the thing–time can fade a memory. Besides, we were busy using our desk phones, email, and the facsimile machine to update our clients and outreach our press contacts. In hindsight, everything seemed so … ancient.

With more than a decade of using social media to communicate on a personal and professional level, you’d think we would all have this thing down. But sadly, you see flagrant missteps everywhere you look – celebrities posting insensitive things; elected officials mass tweeting into the early morning hours; and, everyday folks Facebook Living some of the most unconscionable things imaginable.


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