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Building Customer Loyalty Through Social Media Engagement
By: Bulldog Reporter
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As the channels for reaching our ideal audiences continue to splinter, it’s important that we as communicators look beyond where these audiences gather, to also consider how to combine the strengths of these channels for maximum benefit. Consumers are increasingly demanding a better customer experience, driven by a greater ease in doing business with their favored brands, a desire for greater personalization, and the ability to use the remote control in their pocket to achieve these goals.

This begs the question as to how to bridge the gap between all of these trends to give customers what they want while more effectively and efficiently reaching our goals. A sports retail organization recently looked to address these very questions by marrying together their most successful channels and programs. What resulted was an engagement loyalty program that merged social media with loyalty marketing for greater ease of customer interaction, personalization, and campaign activation from across marketing channels.

Let me explain what they did, highlighting their story with their own ROI data points. They brought an engagement loyalty program to their loyalty member customers, activated through customers’ social media channels of choice. While messaging platforms is a burgeoning opportunity, they decided to focus first on social media. Not only did this approach increase the relevance of its loyalty program, but it also increased engagement and advocacy for the brand and allowed the retailer to proactively identify and reward loyal customers within their social media channel.


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