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Are We Just Social Fakes? Only 11% of Millennials Believe People Are Authentic on Social Media
By: Bulldog Reporter
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Millennials are generally known to crave transparency, but according to new research from adaptive video developer Cynny, this age group—which spends a significant amount of time online—may not be as authentic when it comes to interacting with friends, family or acquaintances on social media. Cynny recently released the results of its Social Engagement survey, which identified the outside factors such as mood and a fear of social drama that keep people from engaging honestly on social media.

The survey found 73% of Millennials allow outside factors such as mood (40%), person who posted (23%) and how popular or combative a post is (10%) to influence how they respond to social content online, with the remaining 27% stating they don’t let anything influence them. However, if given the opportunity to engage without their name attached to their profile, 36% of all respondents would ‘go anonymous,’ suggesting not all are comfortable sharing their real thoughts with their followers.


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