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Death to the Page View, Here Are the Four Metrics of the Future
By: Meltwater
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Since the web’s inception, we have had a crazed obsession with “hits.” In the ‘90s the question was, “how many hits did your website get?” As the web has evolved and analytics has improved, we’ve gone from asking about hits to asking about page views. There’s nothing inherently wrong with page views, in fact, in the right instance knowing the amount of page views generated by a website or page is quite helpful — but not when it comes to understanding your audience or buying/selling advertising.

That’s why I, like many others, am looking to move away from the page view, at least, as far as using it to determine audience interests and buying/selling advertising. But if not the page view, then what? There isn’t one universal metric that will solve the problem. Honestly, the page view should have never been appointed the “universal metric” for success on the web, but it was, and now we must deal with that. Instead of relying on just one single metric, I propose we start with four metrics: engagement, average time, average page scroll, and CTR (click through rate).


Every article on a website should be assigned an engagement score that is calculated in a transparent manner. Content owners need to understand how it was calculated just as much as advertisers do. Ideally, engagement will be calculated using three core metrics (to start). Those being average time, average page scroll, and CTR.


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