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Raising Social Awareness: 2016’s Top Instagram Hashtag Campaigns
By: Meltwater
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Remember the “Just Say No” or “Stop, drop, and roll” campaigns from the 1980s? In advocacy, coming up with a catchy phrase, or the 2016 equivalent—a shareable hashtag—is old hat. And since nonprofits and advocacy organizations are plentiful in community, if not in coffers, spreading cause messages via Instagram hashtag has been especially effective over the last few years.

After combing through social and health hashtags on our media intelligence platform, these hashtags stood out in 2016 with their tens of thousands (and in some cases, hundreds of thousands) of impressions on Instagram. It was impressive how these hashtags became the key to accessing information about certain causes and conversations. Beyond an ability to go viral, the causes behind these 10 hashtags—whether they were branded or organic—resonated. The beauty of much of the content associated with hashtags on Instagram is that, even if initially branded, it inevitably includes a large bulk of user generated content. And so it is the community, ultimately, that spreads the hashtag (and advocacy) of a cause.

Here are the best ways hashtag advocacy was implemented on Instagram in 2016.


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