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Use The Simplest Tools
By: Fast Company
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Over the past two weeks, as Americans grappled with the reality of a new president whose platform would rescind the rights of many Americans, maybe you saw one of these widely circulated Google Docs. One listed legal advice and links for groups threatened by the incoming administration. Another collected scripts for calling your representatives and senators. Yet another billed itself as a guide to life under Trump in general: Oh Shit! What Should I Do Before January?

"I thought, ‘What the hell? Maybe someone will find this useful,’" says Kara Waite, the writer and activist behind the calling script document (entitled We're His Problem Now). She created the Google Doc after a friend asked for a script to use while making calls to local representatives. "I thought maybe two people would look at it, but it’s been shared more than 10,000 times from my post and more from other friends’ posts."

Multiple people shared We're His Problem Now with me, just a day after I had wondered why there wasn’t a good web application or well-designed site to help people call their representatives. It turned out, no one needed a fancy tool: They just needed a damn spreadsheet. "I didn’t anticipate the demand for a simple tool like this," Waite tells Co.Design over Twitter. Soon, demand was crashing it.



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