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Why Lowe's Is Revealing Its Black Friday Lineup On Facebook Live
By: Fast Company
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Lowe's has a different approach to Black Friday than most brands. That's not just owing to a certain strain of iconoclasm at the brand. It's also because, practically speaking, the winter months aren't necessarily the busy season for people seeking home-improvement projects.

"Our business is not like other retail. Our Super Bowl, if you will, is really more the spring season," explains Marci Grebstein, chief marketing officer at Lowe's. "If you think about it from the consumer standpoint, you have people who’ve been hibernating for a good part of the winter, then as soon as you have a couple of warm days, that’s when our busy season starts."

What that means for Lowe's is, when it comes to Black Friday, it can experiment a little more than other brands might. This year, that means that tapping the power of Facebook Live to show off deals in a way that feels more like an event than simply picking up the newspaper and looking at the ads. "As millennials age into first-time home ownership, we know that we're not reaching them with our circulars on Thanksgiving Day that have all the great Black Friday deals," Grebstein says. "We needed to find a way to engage not just with the older millennials, but with people differently. We really focused our brand architecture this year around three components: winning the heart, winning the head, and winning the wallet. When we started to look at that, we wanted to see how to drive the traffic, which is the 'win the wallet' part of the strategy, and then where do we want to win the heart, which is the emotional part. And we’re playing very differently in both of those areas. When Facebook Live came about, the idea of being able to interact and comment with the live event was something that we thought could begin to capture people in a very different way."



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