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6 Ways PR and Content Marketing Can Swap Tactics for Success
By: Meltwater
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As a PR professional, you are spending your days tracking industry editorial trends, talking to journalists and editors about the content that their audiences want, and honing your pitches to obtain coverage or place contributed articles for your business partners. PR is full of moments that create the exact kind of insight that would help your content team prioritize material that’s going to drive engagement and brand awareness. The benefits of integrating PR and content marketing aren’t only one-sided in PR’s favor. Content teams should have easy access to that knowledge to inform their content decisions and ensure message alignment across your organization. 

3 Key Ways Content Marketing Can Benefit PR

1. Promote contributed content and earned media In addition to encouraging your brand ambassadors to share contributed content and earned media on their social channels, you can use a number of paid methods to further extend that content’s reach. For instance, you can use a content recommendation service such as Outbrain or Taboola to promote the article’s headline and URL on websites such as Fast Company, Mashable, USA Today, The Huffington Post, CNN, and NBC News that host their advertising modules. You can also use paid social advertising on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook to drive additional traffic to those hard won placements.


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