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Cybersecurity PR: How Last Week’s Impacted Sites Should Respond
By: Bulldog Reporter
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On Friday morning, some of the world’s biggest websites were knocked offline for hours. The issue was with web-technology provider Dynamic Network Services, Inc. (known simply as “Dyn”) which was the target of multiple Denial of Services (DOS) attacks. According to the Wall Street Journal, DOS attacks “can knock websites offline by flooding them with junk data, blocking the way for legitimate users.”

News stories weren’t critical of impacted sites such as Spotify and Github, but rather focused on New Hampshire-based Dyn, which provides DNS (Domain Name System) services for a large swath of the Internet. Yet tech journos were not particularly hard on Dyn either, portraying the company as the victim of hackers who utilized an arsenal of internet devices to launch the crippling attacks. Homeland Security and the FBI are investigating, though no suspects have been named.

Most sites that had service disrupted such as Netflix, SoundCloud, Etsy, and Amazon responded swiftly, taking to Twitter to post status updates as soon as the social network was restored (Twitter was also impacted).


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