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Google's Pixel Phone Was Designed To Steal Apple Users. It Almost Works
By: Fast Company
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Every iPhone owner I know has at least considered it: making the jump to Android. After all, Google gets design now. Its Android operating system is actually the most popular mobile platform in the world. And with the company’s most aggressive attempt to build a Google phone yet, the $650 Google Pixel, we finally have a stoic piece of hardware with curving glass that feels tempting, even casually indiscernible, when placed side-by-side on a table next to the new iPhone.

Yet most of us with iPhones keep our iPhones, largely because the prospect of jumping to Android is too overwhelming. What happens to our contacts, iMessages, photos, music, and apps? Thanks to companies like Samsung, iOS-to-Android migration tools do exist. But they lose most of us at "migration" and "tool."

The Pixel team knew this, of course. That's why every Pixel is preloaded with new, integrated software to copy the contents of your iPhone over, and bundled with an adapter that allows you to plug your iPhone directly into the Pixel. That means with just a few taps of a button, you can back up everything meaningful on your iPhone. No app downloads. No buying cords off Amazon.



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