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Six Ways Technology Has Disrupted Public Relations
By: Muck Rack
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October's here, meaning it's that time of year again for scary monsters, super creeps, and... are your lights turned on? Are your doors locked? Because as television's favorite witchy woman is all too fond of saying, "The night is dark and full of terrors, none more horrifying than..."


Okay, that may not sound like the stuff of nightmares. Heck, Scooby and Shaggy solved cases scarier than that, and they were some paranoid dudes. But for PR pros, digitally-driven disruption is an understandable and - unlike the simluated ghost pirates of Scooby Doo -real source of anxiety. As the platforms, devices, and even the nature of communication itself continue to evolve, the best and brightest in public relations must evolve along with the tide. Fortunately, PR specialist and Muck Rack contributor Julia Sahin offers six essential pieces of advice to help anyone in the modern communication industry - from the newsroom to the corporate office - navigate the lightning-fast, emoji-crazed, data-driven minefield that is Public Relations in 2016.


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