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5 Tips (+1 Bonus) for Addressing a Crisis
By: Meltwater
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Getting ahead of a crisis might mean that you’re the first to publicize it. When a Southwest Airlines flight to LaGuardia Airport in New York skidded on the runway and landed nose first, the airline posted news of the accident on Twitter and Facebook within minutes, promising updates.

Within minutes, they received thank yous for their openness. If a crisis is going to come out either way, and you already know about it, why not get credit for having the integrity to bring it to the public’s attention? Southwest Airlines was first to report the story and was commended for getting ahead of the crisis.

Which leads us to the first tip:

1. Use Your Communication Channels. During a crisis, communicate with your audience using the same channels you always do. Centralizing all relevant information on your website even though your audience is used to hearing from you on Twitter or YouTube will inevitably leave them hanging and dissatisfied with how you handled things.


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