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Five Ways Startups Hurt Their PR Campaigns
By: Muck Rack
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As publicists, it’s our job to advise clients on strategy, and sometimes, run interference on things they shouldn’t have done (or said).

Having worked with my fair share of startups, I noticed that the same snafus came up again and again, across industries, that I didn’t experience with bigger companies.

Since much of what us PR professionals do is marry what the client wants with what they can realistically expect, I’ve found these solutions to common roadblocks with startups to be tried and true.

Here are five ways startups hurt their PR campaigns.

1. Acting as editor.
That big article on a client’s new product finally comes out, and by your assessment it’s pretty solid. Your client agrees, but then sends a few “corrections” to be made. After reviewing their requests, you realize they have practically line edited the entire article, asking to swap out adjectives or delete a sentence that “just doesn’t read right.”


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