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8 Crucial Questions Every PR Pro Needs to Ask Their Client Before Getting Started
By: Bulldog Reporter
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You’ve reached step one in the PR process and landed yourself a new client—great! The relationship between client and PR pro is give and take. Not only should they be grilling you with a bunch of questions, you too need to be ready with some of your own. In order for you to do the best job possible for your client and be considered a success, you need to ask some key questions.

1. What makes your product or your company different from your competitors?

One of the main goals of anyone working in PR is getting as much media coverage as possible for your client. This will of course lead to more sales, establishing those in the firm as thought leaders, and putting them top of mind for potential customers and media. This question is crucial as it will determine how you reach out to journalists and get them interested in why your client, above all others, is the leader in their field. You need to help direct your client and pull the information from them that you will use to differentiate their product or service from that of their competitors.


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