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The “Blah Blah Blah” Behind AP Style and the Language of Disabilities
By: Muck Rack
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In an era where we can get slammed on social media for being overly sensitive to some things while not being sensitive enough on others, the last thing we may need is a new set of sanctioned terminology to use in our writing. 

For that reason alone, the purpose here is not to add a new layer of politically correct language to your writing. 

The AP Stylebook has already done the heavy lifting on how we should characterize people with disabilities in our writing. While some may or may not adhere to the style guide on this, it is good to know the thinking behind the writing style on this issue and why it should matter.

This came to light for me not too long ago when I had an exchange with a consumer reporter. You know the kind. You have a consumer problem, you call the reporter, and he saves the day, all the while portraying himself as the hero. 


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