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What 26,000 Pitches Taught Us About Securing Top-Tier Press
By: Bulldog Reporter
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Spend a few minutes on a journalist’s Twitter stream and you are bound to run into at least one post complaining about marketing and PR pitches.

If you want a good laugh (or cry), @smugjourno is a bona fide wall of shame for PR professionals.

Even though some journalists have battled with PR professionals, we recently surveyed 1,300 publishers (full results are coming soon!) and still found two major things:
  1. 84% of writers and editors agreed that pitches were at least “slightly valuable” to their jobs.  
  2. 40% of writers get pitched more than 20 times per day.  
With their inboxes flooded with pitches, it’s no wonder that journalists get annoyed when pitches are off-topic or otherwise miss the mark. In a sea of submissions, how can your email possibly stand out?

We analyzed 26,988 pitches that we sent between October 2014 and May 2016 to determine what exactly made a pitch successful or unsuccessful. We marked a pitch as successful if the writer or editor responded to the pitch.


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