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8 Tips for Effectively Working Your Next Networking Event
By: Bulldog Reporter
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Almost once a week, I find myself attending a networking event or conference. Some are great and some less successful. But no matter how the panels are, the most important part of any event are the conversations. We all know that networking events can be a little daunting or awkward at times, but here are a few ways you might be able to curb that and make a new connection.

Put the phone away. It’s tempting to be on your phone when you don’t know anyone. Hiding behind emails and looking ‘oh so busy’ can be a safety net when a networking event is more first day of school than a business function. Put the phone in your bag/pocket, get out there and look approachable and engaged. It will be much easier to pick up on cues that someone wants to start a conversation.

Share on social. Live by the millennial rule that if you didn’t post it on social media, it’s like it didn’t happen. When attending an event try to get at least one tweet and or Instagram post in using the host’s handle and event hashtag. Your followers get to see that you’re out and about, and you might pick up some new ones along the way. Do this from both your personal and corporate accounts.


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