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Going for the PR Gold: How to Execute a Medal-Worthy Campaign
By: Bulldog Reporter
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The 2016 Summer Olympic Games are underway and, like most of America—the world, really—I’m fully engrossed in the action…and the drama. How would Michael Phelps’ historic Olympic journey end? Is the current U.S. women’s gymnastics team the best ever? What will the commentators say next and how will social media react? For two weeks every four years, we all stumble into work each morning—groggy from staying up late the night before glued to our TV screens. We suddenly become fans of sports we hadn’t even heard of the month prior, like Race Walking, Trampolining and Handball; and, in this day and age, we use patriotic Snapchat filters and share memes that highlight the Games’ most humorous moments—like Aly Raisman’s nervous parents and Phelps’ baby boy in the stands.

What is it that sucks us in to the Olympics? Is it the competition? The uniting of countries from across the globe? It’s a combination of both—it’s the storytelling. While the outcome of each event remains unknown, the 2016 Summer Olympics’ narrative began years earlier. It’s an approach, this storytelling, that yields millions of viewers and billions of impressions every four years. It’s also a strategy that, executed on a smaller scale, can help deliver a successful PR campaign. Here’s how to take a page from the Olympics handbook for your own brand:
  • Set the stage early. Before the Games began, everyone was already talking about them. Yes, some of that chatter was negative, but there was significant positive buzz before the torch was even lit. Getting the word out early about a product or campaign launch isn’t just okay—it’s necessary nowadays. By sharing embargoed news early, you can get key influencers on board as brand and product champions, pique the interest of top-tier media and even tee-up coverage to drop at launch

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