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Three Things PR Bosses Should Stop Doing
By: Muck Rack
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Ever had a really bad boss? We've likely all been there at some point in our careers.

We all want to work as a team and help each other out so that we can perform at our best for our clients, but some behaviors by the higher ups are simply counterproductive.

Now, before I get into some things that PR bosses need to stop doing, let me first say that this isn’t meant to rag on the boss. The boss is dealing with issues that you don’t even know about. The boss is having conversations and negotiations above your security clearance.

Don’t be the type of employee that thinks the boss is an idiot and that you can do his/her job. Don’t be the type of employee that thinks "this place would go out of business without me!" It won’t. It was around before you got there and it will be around when you leave. Always, try to be sympathetic if you can’t truly be empathetic.

Now, that said, here are three things that PR bosses do far too often, and they really need to try a different approach.

1. “We need to get something! Anything! We’re going to lose the client!” This doesn’t make sense on a variety of levels.

First, if I’m the boss and I’m the one with the experience and the know-how, I’m stepping in. If an account coordinator or executive isn’t getting media placements and it’s getting to the point where the client is going to drop you, then you better start hammering the phones and leveraging your own contacts pronto. If you can’t do this, then there is another problem: you’re pressuring your employee to do something even you can’t do. That’s not fair.


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