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This Security Company Based Its Tech On The Human Immune System
By: Fast Company
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The program coordinator at the Catholic Charities of Santa Clara County in California never suspected that an email she received earlier this year contained anything more than the corporate invoice it claimed. But as soon as she opened the attachment, malware began to encrypt data on her computer. The breach threatened to expose far more than just her personal files: In order to provide its customers with health care, immigration assistance, and other social services, Catholic Charities handles the medical and financial records of more than 54,000 people each year. Of all the cybersecurity systems—including firewalls and antivirus software—that the nonprofit had in place to shield those sensitive documents, only one flagged the intrusion.

The security breach was detected by the flagship product created by Darktrace, a U.K.-based cybersecurity company founded in 2013. Just days before the malware attack, Catholic Charities had begun testing Darktrace’s pioneering new technology, the enterprise immune system (EIS).

Modeled after the human body’s immune system, the EIS embeds in a computer network and learns what behavior is considered normal for that system. It can then spot suspicious activity and even work to slow an attack, just as the human immune system releases antibodies at the first sign of invasive cells.



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