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How to Power Your Own PR
By: Cision
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While journalists certainly are an important component of the public relations equation, I feel like we’ve come to rely on them in ways that aren’t exactly healthy for our businesses (or for those journalists who are sick of being bombarded by awful press releases). We send a pitch, then sit around biting our nails, desperate for a return email saying of course, they’d love to write about our brand.

But then it doesn’t happen.

So instead of wasting time waiting for that magical alchemical formula of journalist + your brand = overnight success, I suggest taking matters into your own hands when it comes to PR.

Find Other Ways to Get Media Attention
Rather than getting in line to ride the most popular roller coaster in the park (the journalist), why not step right up to that other ride in the corner that has no wait? That’s the blogger.


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This article was published originally on Cision. A link to the page follows this post. www.cision.com
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