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How to Keep Press Releases Fresh Day in Day Out: 6 PR Tips from Doctor Who
By: Meltwater
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Nowhere is brand loyalty, and it’s corollary, fandom, more on display than at San Diego’s Annual Comic-Con, which took place this past weekend. If you work in the television, film, or the comic book industry (or are maybe a voracious consumer of the aforementioned) you probably were there or at the very least, pressing refresh on your search bar.

The kind of brand loyalty on display at Comi-Con isn’t easy to come by. Keeping journalists and fans excited about our brands year after year (or in Doctor Who’s case, decade after decade) takes determination and creativity. Having a perennial hit like Doctor Who, known for originality and quirkiness, to play off of might make things easier, but for many of us it feels that we’re mired in telling our brand stories in exactly the same way as we did last time and not all that differently from how other companies are telling theirs. In Whovian parlance, the Daleks, old skool nemesis of Doctor Who, whose annoying and repetitive cries of “Exterminate! Exterminate!” give voice to our own creative frustrations as we continue running in circles.

After all, if you’re not amped about your PR campaign, how can you expect your audience to sit up and take notice?

At times like these, I find it helpful to take a step back to ask: How would Doctor Who break out of the usual brand story narrative?


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