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What Does the Rise of Bing Mean to the PR Industry—and Can It Really Beat Google?
By: Bulldog Reporter
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A couple of years ago I’d have laughed myself at that title, as all of us in the SEO world joked how Bing’s only user was someone’s grandmother desperately in search of how to access Google. But since 2008 Bing has seen a steady rise in its search query market share from 9.8% to 21.6% in April 2016 across the USA.

With this in mind I suggest as do others that it’s about time that the PR industry, along with the wider marketing world, starts taking Bing seriously and look at how we can optimise our web pages to rank in its number one spot for relevant search queries. Because if Bing’s growth continues, we could be seeing a very different SEO landscape appear over the next couple years with the potential for Google to be unseated from its throne.

So what’s causing this growth and potential Google upset?

Well from the data available there are four big factors that suggest we should all be paying really close attention to Bing and how it can support our organic search results and conversions.

1. The launch of Windows 10
The first factor is the launch of Windows 10 in 2015. As I say a couple years ago Bing was seen as a pariah and many thought Microsoft should shelve it as a failed experiment. But current Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella had belief, which is now starting to pay off.


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