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If You're Going to Pitch the Media by Phone, Do These Three Things
By: Muck Rack
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I’ve read some articles recently from media members explaining why they almost always prefer to be pitched via email as opposed to annoying phone calls. Considering how they receive these phone calls and how they are treated, I can more than understand.

The truth is: a very large number of public relations professionals simply don’t know how to phone pitch.

Let me start by saying: it’s probably not their fault. Many times there isn’t anyone who really knows what they are doing to teach them. And I could probably wager a guess and say that the manager that is there to teach the would-be phone pitcher, was never properly trained either.

Yay! It’s a vicious cycle!

Before I start, I do have a message for the media: Please, phone pitching is our best bet for creating a relationship and securing coverage whether you realize it or not. Yes, you prefer email, but I don’t. If I had a nickel for every unreturned pitch to a journalist, I’d be typing this article on my iPad on my yacht.

I hear journalists complain all the time about how their inbox is constantly flooded and many emails go right to the junk folder. Okay, I understand. But, can you understand why I don’t want my news getting lost in all of that?

Let’s look at some easy ways that PR pros can ease some of their fears of the phone (many, many PR pros despise picking up the phone) and reduce any negative feedback from media members. 

1. Be authentic. Authenticity is a basic building block for relationship building. I’m not saying anything revolutionary, but sometimes this gets lost in the pitching process. It’s important to be yourself. That may sound like the type of advice a parent gives their 14-year old son who is about to ask a girl to the school dance, but it’s true.


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