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In Data We Trust: PR Lessons Learned from Brexit and Trump
By: Bulldog Reporter
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Many people in the UK and, frankly, the world were stunned by the Brexit vote to leave the European Union. But maybe we all should have seen it coming—in an article in Vox by Ezra Klein, After Brexit and Trump, it’s time to stop trusting our guts and start trusting the polls, he writes in regards to the Donald Trump ascendancy to the GOP leadership and the recent Brexit vote, “Polling is proving a much better guide to political outcomes right now than recent history or established norms.”

Klein further writes, “We’re skeptical of data that baldly contradicts how we know the world to work.”

And the truth is, with all this uncertainty in financial markets and the political landscape, the only truth we can count on, is what the data tells us—especially in this ever-fractured world of diverse opinions, beliefs and backgrounds.

The reality is, the diversity of opinion that exists is just a reflection of the diversity within the media.


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