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4 PR Tips to Demystify Influencer Outreach
By: Meltwater
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Influencers have earned their audience’s loyalty. Their communities consider them trusted authorities. And PR pros have caught on to the fact that they provide a great conduit for their messages. According to a recent article in Inc., influencer marketing delivers 11x ROI over all other forms of digital media. So, if you’re trying to increase engagement, reaching out to a few key influencers (whether paid or unpaid) to help you spread the word is a smart strategy. 

The first step in finding the right influencers is to make sure you understand the audience you are ultimately trying to reach. For example, if you have a demographic that is primarily on Instagram, they won’t be swayed by an article in Slate. For one, they might never see it. And even if they do, it’s not where they connect with their community. The first step in finding the right influencer is to go where your audience is. Once you’re there, look for signs of two-way engagement, including compelling content and followers who re-share it.

Influencers include journalists, analysts, social celebrities, bloggers, and spokespeople. The lines are increasingly getting blurred between all of these categories. Journalists expand their reach on social, while social media personalities find themselves being taken more and more seriously by traditional media. But for the sake of simplicity, we explain how to assess trust and reach in two categories::

Journalists—They are trusted based on how respected their publication is, as well as for their individual work. Often, their reach is dependent entirely on the publication. For example, an NY Times staff journalist has substantial reach (based on subscriptions and pass-thru) and is presumably well respected. Otherwise, he/she would not be writing for the NY Times. Influence is, therefore, based on the credentials of the publication.


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