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Political Brand Personalities: Three PR Takeaways from This Year’s Election
By: Bulldog Reporter
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So far, the 2016 race to the Oval Office has been unlike any other. For better or for worse, candidates have battled for media coverage, and more importantly, votes.

Aside from the importance of staying on message and managing reputation, the unique campaign holds many relevant takeaways for PR pros. Because this election cycle has been filled with memorable, even infamous, moments—a certain candidate’s hand size comment during a debate comes to mind!—PR practitioners can learn many valuable lessons that are applicable to our industry. In fact, as a young professional, I’ve been able to draw several important lessons from Election 2016 that will benefit me as I continue to grow in my career. Here are the top three takeaways I’ve observed:

Securing the right endorsements (still) matters

Whether it’s a simple tweet, campaign donation or official announcement, political endorsements have proven significant in this election cycle.


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