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Five Best Practices for Email Marketers
By: Bulldog Reporter
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I’ve heard some people say email isn’t a very effective marketing tool. But as a marketer, I have to disagree.

Email marketing remains a big part of the job when it comes to your firm’s outreach. I’m certainly not alone in this opinion—some of the biggest names in the biz have stated without a doubt that email marketing is their key to success. Even smaller startups have attributed boosts in sales to a well-planned email marketing campaign. Do it right and you can reap big rewards!

Here are five best practices for your email marketing strategy.

1. Build a targeted list
As everyone in the marketing department knows, building targeted lists with relevant and up-to-date contacts is essential to the success of any marketing effort. These lists, for some firms, are the bread and butter of the business—hence their extreme value and why they’re kept close to the chest.


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