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How Digital Technologies Complement Offline PR Communication Strategies
By: Bulldog Reporter
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2016 is expected to be a year of huge dynamic changes in the digital world. Our technology is constantly becoming more advanced, as are our techniques. We know our clients’ needs are ever-evolving, and the audience’s desires change even more. That’s why we are always on top—and ahead—of new changes in the industry.

Looking at past patterns and how it is shaping the road before us, we can see some of what is coming down the pike.

Here are some of our thoughts on how digital technology works nicely with traditional PR strategies:

Matt McNichol

In today’s ever-changing PR and marketing landscape, the emergence of social media and new digital technologies has certainly disrupted traditional PR strategies but one fundamental principle remains the same: It’s still all about storytelling.  In the past, brands would look to tell their stories through traditional media outlets such as TV or print, but now it’s about engaging consumers through social media to help tell their stories for them. New digital products such as Snapchat Live Stories and Twitter Moments are changing the game of storytelling and bringing consumers into the fold to share experiences and help brands tell their stories together.  In 2016 and moving forward, I believe you’ll see this trend progress further as social networks continue to create and look for new ways to help brands tell their stories to more audiences.


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