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Why Mixing Paid, Earned, Social and Owned is Essential to Modern PR
By: Bulldog Reporter
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There’s a perception in the industry that all PR does is media relations, but this purist way of thinking is no longer relevant. We’re now fully embracing the age of social and the current media ecosystem is much more complex and layered than before. Luddites, you might as well pack up your things and go home.

Rebecca Brown, executive director of social strategy at J. Walter Thompson Canada, shared her thoughts on this new, holistic era of PR.

Ushering in a new era

The truth is, you’re missing out on some powerful opportunities if you’re still stuck in a “media relations only” mindset. What starts as simply a story to generate industry news has the potential to grow into an entire campaign that reaches customers in a compelling, targeted and multi-layered way.

“The model, for many years, was that print and TV media controlled the info the public had access to,” Brown said. “Brands invested in traditional PR to try and get journalists to tell stories about their products to consumers. The current model is far more complex.”


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