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Data and Branded Content’s Role in Media Relations
By: Bulldog Reporter
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There is a giant discrepancy between what people believe is the work of a communications/PR firm and what the work actually entails. This is never more true than the idealized opinions of startups versus the (often brave) firms and agencies that represent them. The common belief seems to hold that a few calls, and a couple of pitches to media friendlies means your startup will be featured the next day on every top-tier publication and outlet that exists. The truth is that the countless hours, days and weeks of planning, strategy and executions to follow are rarely seen, but there is a great equalizer. For startups that actually have the foresight to go through the months it really takes to execute a killer PR plan, they may be in for results they couldn’t have ever dreamed of.

Recently our firm, Emerging Insider took on the largest of startup challenges. A small EU innovator called Ticketbis, wanted to break into the U.S. market and make a massive splash with a key position for their initiatives. Sounds like any other Tuesday right? Not so fast. This startup had zero budget to invest into any other marketing initiatives. Eliminate Ads, eliminate marketing partnerships, eliminate a shiny new app, paid content distribution, events, launch parties, and any grassroots endeavors whatsoever. Equally uphill, the ticket reseller had no true product within the U.S. and was hoping to attract event goers that were attending events around the globe. What they were willing to invest was patience AND openness, to testing out an entirely new set of strategies.

It required some intensive strategy that leverages the ways audiences are now consuming content and how media personnel are viewing how to best tell a story.


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