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Lawyers, Artists, Programmers? Your Next Great Hire May Not Be a PR Professional
By: Muck Rack
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The quest for PR professionals is a never-ending task, particularly in an agency environment. As soon as the client team roster fills up, it seems another person leaves and Sisyphus must roll the rock back up the hill to find a replacement.

And it is little wonder. As a recent study has highlighted, communications careers are booming. Today there are 4.8 PR people for every reporter, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. This comes as more companies are looking for communicators to help tell their story to the public and need the right resources to bring these stories to life.

While the availability of so many jobs may be great for the profession, it creates a hyper-competitive environment to find the right talent. 

That may be because the career arc of a communications professional is a well-trodden path. Most PR professionals take one of two routes; either they study communications in college and work their way through the ranks or they start in journalism.

Along they way, PR professionals have developed a very particular set of skills, skills acquired over a very long career: they learned how to communicate, how to present and how to sell.


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