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Answering ‘Why Now?’ The Best PR Pitch Is a Timely One
By: Cision
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Recently, my team at Communications@Syracuse asked 25 communication professionals for their takes on the most crucial elements of a PR pitch. Responses included qualities such as relevance, personalization and brevity, but one of the key themes that emerged was the importance of making sure your pitch is timely and on topic.

“Why now?” was a common refrain among our respondents, who wrote that answering the question of why your topic is relevant today is the most important aspect a journalist will be looking for. As Denise DiMeglio, vice president at Gregory FCA, wrote, “Why should the reporter care about, explore or write about this topic today? … ‘Because your client wants to talk about this story, sell more product, generate leads, etc. now’ is not a sufficient answer.”

Any communication professional will tell you that your pitch must be tailored to the journalist or editor at hand, but personalization goes beyond that.

“The story or topic you’re pitching must somehow tie into broader news or trends affecting the industry today,” DiMeglio continued. “On the other side of that, be aware of current events or news that could conflict with the reporter’s ability to tell your story at the desired time, and plan accordingly.”


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