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Why NOT Listening on Social Media Could Cost You Your Business
By: Cision
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If you’ve ever been accused in a relationship of not listening, you know that there are consequences to your inattention. At the very least, you annoy your loved one. But you could also miss out on something important or cause bigger issues down the road.

That’s the danger of not listening on social media to what’s being said about your brand. Social media is such an important tool for connecting with potential customers, and consumers are using it as a soapbox, for better or worse. If they’re talking about your brand — positively or negatively — you need to know what they’re saying.

When the Buzz is Positive
You might assume you only need to perk your ears up for negative rants about your business, but that’s not the case. Positive buzz is also something that you must listen for so you can respond to. Let’s say someone tweets that they love your brand. If you let that comment flap in the wind without a response, that person likely will go on with her life and forget about you. But on the other hand, if you respond warmly, thank her for the comment, and offer her a coupon on her next purchase, guess what happens? She buys from you again (and again) and feels a bond with your brand because of the interaction.

It doesn’t take much effort to show your appreciation of customers who share their love of you on social media.


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