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PR Outside the Box: 5 Traits of an Effective PR Leader
By: Bulldog Reporter
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Being a PR professional in today’s rapidly moving, digitally driven landscape certainly has its challenges, but also tremendous opportunities to set yourself apart from others—yet only if you are brave enough to make the jump.

If you are happy with the status quo, and envision a career where you are relegated to sending out boilerplate press releases over a newswire, then you may want to stop reading now and go work on that press release.

However, if you want to learn, grow and build a career where you proudly take a seat at the proverbial table (as opposed to being a “side dish” where your job is to put out fires), then you should continue.

First, ask yourself: Am I ready to be a PR leader? If so, then the following areas are a good place to start in terms of where you should direct your energy. An effective PR leader is all of these things (and more!):

1. Self-Aware: They understand how their role fits within the organization.

Today’s PR professionals understand the technology, marketing, advertising, content and strategy functions of the organization, including how they fit in among them. Why? Because as communicators, they are responsible for connecting a tremendous amount of dots so the right messages are being pushed out. Aligning public relations with other aspects of the business allows them to amplify everyone’s efforts, not just their own.


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