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3 Steps to Analyzing Your PR Measurement Data
By: Cision
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Data is essential to successful public relations now and in the future, but 53 percent of professionals still find measurement to be their biggest skills gap.

Will you adapt to the evolving landscape or let competitors lead the way?

If you don’t have accurate data or know how to analyze it, you’ll fail to grasp which campaigns have the most impact on your audience. But with a multi-touch attribution model, you’ll set your measurement strategy up for success by better understanding the roles each campaign and touch plays along the sales journey.

With the resulting data, you can properly analyze why your efforts are or aren’t working and adapt your plan based on these insights. To get an in-depth understanding of your analytics, follow these three steps:

1. Monitor for Shifts
As social media channels alter their algorithms and new competitors emerge, your audience’s needs evolve, which means your PR strategy should too. What worked last month may not work next month, or even next week.


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