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PR and Marketing Trends: What the Changing Media Landscape Means for Brands
By: Meltwater
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The media landscape has changed significantly and will continue to shift. As technology increases the speed of communications (you can’t really get any faster than real time without mind reading…), the way brands interact with the media also changes. While some of us prefer to hold a paper copy of our favourite magazine or daily newspaper in our hands, like it or not, the world has gone digital and many traditional media outlets are feeling the squeeze. Print publications are shutting down operations and media outlets are pushing resources into building digital versions of the news to not only keep up with consumer behaviour, but also to keep up with the news cycle.

Enter social media. We don’t wait to hear breaking news on a news broadcast at a specific time, or in the newspaper the next morning when the “big story” breaks. Instead, stories are breaking on social media as they happen and reporters and editors are scrambling to be a part of the news rather than falling behind.

Media outlets consisted of traditional TV, radio, and print, but now it has expanded to include many more digital channels where influencers are the mouthpiece rather than well-known reporters and reputable news names.

The age of social media has allowed a new era of media where creators and influencers have achieved online celebrity status by amassing a network of followers who trust what they have to say. This network tunes in to watch videos and read blogs on a regular basis to get the latest news on a variety of topics whether lifestyle-related, business-related, etc. It’s a new world of heavily opinionated and sometimes owned content in a world where your target audience has instant access to information.

Change can be difficult, but in this case, it’s a huge opportunity for brands. Here are five ways brands can benefit from the shift in the media landscape.


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