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Public Relations Pet Peeves: IRL Examples from a Freelance Journalist
By: Muck Rack
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There are some brilliant public relations professionals, who are such a godsend to work with, that I take all the pins out of my PR voodoo doll, and lie her on a sun lounger with a watermelon martini.

Then there are PR pros who inspire me to jam my voodoo doll’s head in the toilet, after an especially nasty poo.

This is a memo to those PR professionals.

There are minor misdemeanors of course, that fall somewhere in between. Watch out for the following offenses:
  • Misspelling the name of your PR firm – especially if this flags the email as spam. “Hello from Fraud [sic] Communications” is one subject line I remember - but incidentally, I didn’t open it.
  • Then there’s telling me your flying fishing accessories are perfect for VICE. I’ve received so many emails from PRs keen to convince me their coffee makers would work well for this title, that I’m certain nobody in PR has ever read VICE.
  • There are PRs who send me press releases on a Saturday night (I WON’T OPEN THEM).
  • PRs who promise me 20 minutes with their client, then cut me off after four.
  • PRs who hound me to “confirm” the date of their coverage, as if each email will bring the issue out sooner.
  • PRs who resurrect the same email chain to message to me, over several months and various subject matters. For the love of God, start new emails, with new subject headings – PLEASE.

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