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Ten Resume Tips for PR Job-Seekers
By: Bulldog Reporter
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Soon after spring break, the floodgates open and the onslaught begins. Daily emails from eager candidates looking to land their first agency job begin filling our hiring manager’s inbox.

While the public relations industry has certainly evolved, one thing has remained the same: a résumé is still needed as the first point of contact with a prospective employer. A solid résumé can help a candidate rise to the top of the consideration set instead of the delete folder.

Over the years, we’ve seen a lot of good and, unfortunately, plenty of bad in the world of résumés. In fact, a recent applicant sent a letter that essentially belongs in the “what not to do” playbook:

“Hi, Im Jane Doe. I am currently a junior majoring in Communications with a focus in Public Relations. Although I am learning a lot in my classes that can benefit me I think its time to take it a step further. I would really love to get more experience and be exposed to so much more in the PR world. I believe hands on learning is the best learning. Unfortunately its not a lot of opportunity to achieve this in Cincinnati. However as I was looking at different firms websites and  I really enjoyed yours. I think this could possibly be a great place for me to start so I was wondering when will you  guys be hiring for interns or entry level applicants.”

In the spirit of helping the next generation of PR professionals, here are 10 helpful tips to consider as eager candidates prepare their résumés and furiously begin outreach.

1. Do Your Homework
To help tailor a note to the target company, understand the culture by following the company on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Engage thoughtfully by liking or sharing posts or retweeting but resist the urge to share everything the company has posted. We once had a candidate retweet and like everything we shared on social media and let’s just say it didn’t impress us.

2. Network
Most agencies are always looking for the next best talent, even if a job isn’t currently available. Make a contact at the company and ask for an informational interview. Young professionals may have luck reaching out to the junior members of a team with this request. Consider networking on LinkedIn and Twitter by following and engaging with professionals in the local PR industry.

3. Include a Simple Summary Statement
We were pleasantly surprised with a recent applicant’s summary statement: “10 countries in five years: Offering a world view and understanding of diversity that allows me to enhance the telling of any organization’s story.” It was a refreshing take on the typically long statement.


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